Jamaal Bowman targeted by national group for being too progressive to represent black voters

Rep. Jamaal Bowman‘s (D-NY) reelection campaign has drawn a new foe, targeting him by saying he’s too far left to represent some black voters.

The National Black Empowerment Action Fund donated half a million dollars to better fund Bowman’s opponent for New York’s 16th Congressional District. More money is expected from the group in the coming weeks.

“We could have stayed out of it, but the need was too great, the sense of urgency was too high,” Darius Jones, founder of the group, told Politico

Jones is an American Israel Public Affairs Committee alum and has previously served as the national African American constituency director for AIPAC. AIPAC has strongly supported Bowman’s primary challenger, George Latimer, Westchester County executive.

“We’re trying to champion an effort to help amplify the voices of black voters who are focused on safe communities, good-paying
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