RFK Jr. backs Trump campaigning as felon: ‘That’s the rule’

After a Manhattan jury handed down a guilty verdict to former President Donald Trump in his hush money case, third-party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said the decision would only help his opponent’s chances of winning in November. 

Kennedy spoke on Trump’s conviction in Austin, Texas, at Consensus 2024, a crypto event, just hours after the news broke.

Kennedy called the trial the “weakest case” brought against Trump. 

“A large part of the American public believes that the judicial system and enforcement system has been weaponized politically,” Kennedy said. “That’s bad for our country, and I think that’s a mistake for the Democratic Party. I think the Democratic Party believes they have a candidate that can’t beat President Trump and they need to do it in the court.”

Kennedy also discussed whether it’s still fitting for Trump to run
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