Morgan Spurlock made Hollywood meaner and documentaries more dishonest

Unlike the countless men whose careers were killed in the fury of the #MeToo movement, Morgan Spurlock didn’t just deny he had committed serial sex abuse and misconduct, he embraced the reality that he was “a part of the problem,” canceling himself in a shocking 2017 blog post in which he confessed to harassing subordinates and described raping at least one woman.

When Spurlock died of cancer at the end of May at just 53 years old, much of the media led its obituaries with retrospectives of his recent career collapse. But Spurlock’s sexual misconduct was arguably far less damaging to the film industry than his professional malfeasance. Just as Harvey Weinstein helped entrench on-air sexploitation and off-camera quid-pro-blow-jobs in Hollywood, Spurlock spearheaded decades of dishonest documentaries promulgating piddling
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