California voters could have opportunity to rebuke criminal justice reform at the ballot box

Voters in California could decide on a measure that could roll back progressive reforms to the criminal justice system. 

A statewide initiative to roll back Proposition 47, a 2014 measure that recategorized some nonviolent offenses like shoplifting, fraud, and personal use of drugs as misdemeanors instead of felonies, has likely garnered enough signatures to be on the ballot this November. The new measure would allow repeat drug and theft offenders to be charged with felonies and make it easier to charge fentanyl dealers with homicide. 

Proponents say they do not want to go back to a time of mass incarceration in California, but believe the initiative would target repeat offenders. 

“We’ve seen more overdose deaths and a growing homelessness crisis,” Matt Mahan, Democratic Mayor of San Jose, who endorsed the measure, Read more…

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