Jayapal says Trump wouldn’t be on trial if Senate had ‘gone through with the impeachment’

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) lamented the fact that the then Republican-controlled Senate did not impeach Donald Trump when it had the chance.

Jayapal appeared on The Weekend on Saturday to express her regret that by not impeaching Trump, he is still able to run for office over three years later this November. He is currently up against incumbent President Joe Biden. The Weekend hosts had been discussing Trump’s criminal trial when Jayapal brought up his near impeachment in 2021.

“I go back to the responsibility of Congress here because had the Senate actually gone through with the impeachment of Donald Trump, we would not be in this situation. I remember Mitch McConnell giving a speech that sounded like he was going to vote for convicting, but he didn’t,”
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