Will Congress’ TikTok divestment bill upend Biden’s digital campaign strategy?

Congress is primed to pass a bill that will require TikTok, the immensely popular, Chinese-owned social media platform, to sell to an American company within one year or risk being banned in the United States.

President Joe Biden promised to sign the legislation into law earlier this week, even as his 2024 reelection campaign has made the app, which boasts more than 170 million American users, a critical part of its digital messaging strategy specifically aimed at winning over voters under 25.

The decision to get Biden on TikTok, even after his administration barred federal employees from using the app on their government-issued phones and pressing Chinese President Xi Jinping on the matter during closed-door, leader-to-leader meetings, comes as the president is looking to win back support from younger voters, a critical component of his winning 2020 coalition.

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