Google faces worker unrest after firing 28 employees involved in pro-Palestinian sit-in

Google is facing backlash from workers and activists after firing 28 employees who staged a sit-in over a contract with Israel.

On Tuesday, employees staged a sit-in in Google’s Silicon Valley and New York offices, demanding an end to the controversial Project Nimbus — a $1.2 billion contract between the Israeli government and Google and Amazon.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, a Google spokeswoman said the company had carefully reviewed the situation and everyone involved in the protest. The actions of the protesters extended beyond protesting activities and actively disrupted the company, executives held.

“Every single one of the twenty-eight people whose employment was terminated was personally and definitively involved in disruptive activity inside our buildings,” a Google spokeswoman said. “We carefully confirmed every single one (and then actually reconfirmed each one) during our investigation. The
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