Cornel West says NYC ‘canceled’ his Saturday rally after appearing at Columbia protests

Dr. Cornel West claimed Saturday the New York City government “unjustly canceled” his planned rally for April 20, just days after the 2024 Independent candidate for president appeared at the Columbia University demonstrations protesting Israel’s military operations in Gaza.

More than 100 activists set up tents on Columbia’s campus earlier this week to protest Israel’s offensive, with West’s own appearance at the encampment coming on Thursday. The demonstrations led to multiple arrests, including the daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-MN).

“In a deeply troubling move, authorities have unjustly canceled our planned April 20th rally for peace, reframing it as a protest requiring police oversight,” West wrote in a fundraising email sent to supporters Saturday morning. “This action is a powerful reminder of the ongoing challenges we face in our pursuit of justice and equity. This forceful suppression of our peaceful assembly
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