The business end of TikTok

In the book business, there are technical bestselling authors who manage to hawk anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of copies in a relatively short sales window. And then there are the bonkers successful writers who actually keep the lights on.

Sarah Janet Maas belongs in the latter, brighter category. Her “romantasy” (romance and fantasy) books are packaged together as multivolume doorstoppers and are widely available. They have enjoyed sales of more than 38 million copies “in English,” according to her website.

“Novelist Sarah J Maas gives Bloomsbury the Harry Potter effect,” was the headline accompanying a Times of London story announcing her English language publisher’s record year in 2023. Maas’s books continued topping most of the charts that mattered for the first quarter of 2024 as well. They have also done brisk translation business.

(Illustration by Tatiana Lozano / Washington Examiner; AP and Getty Images)

Maas, 38, began writing her
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