New York ‘in play’ for Trump due to Alvin Bragg’s ‘abuse’ of justice, Lee Zeldin says

Former New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin said his historically strong blue state of New York is up for grabs for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in the general election. 

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s handling of Trump’s criminal hush money case is helping Trump in New York City, according to Zeldin. By the former congressman’s calculations, Trump could win the state of New York if he is popular enough in the city. 

30% of the vote in NYC puts New York in play for Donald Trump…and due to Alvin Bragg’s abuse of the criminal justice system, President Trump will be spending a lot of time in the Big Apple. Let’s turn Bragg’s misdeeds into a fatal political mistake for Biden in November!!

— Lee Zeldin (@LeeMZeldin) April 18, 2024

From 2015 until 2023, Zeldin represented the 1st
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