Disorder at the courts: Left-wing district attorneys, selective prosecution, and the 2024 campaign combine to damage the rule of law

The Prussian general and strategist Carl von Clausewitz famously said that “war is the continuation of policy with other means.” 

But that was in the 1830s. Here in 2024, we’re much more civilized: We do our political warfare in the courts

Beginning with the rise of the progressive prosecutors and continuing with the unprecedented weaponization of law against former President Donald Trump, leftists have turned the supposedly neutral forums of the courts into yet another ground for partisan bloodletting. Whether they succeed or not, the big loser will be the justice system and the rule of law itself.

(Dave Malan for the Washington Examiner)

The Anglo-American justice system requires both adversarial efforts and impartial judgment, each in its proper place. The parties and their attorneys are supposed to be focused on winning. While there are
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