Space lasers, conscription, and Neville Chamberlain: Foreign aid bill amendments lead to competitive trolling from representatives

House members are looking to out-troll one another through amendments to bills funding aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Overall, 171 amendments have been introduced to add to the bills, with most of them serious. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) began the unserious additions on Wednesday, introducing an amendment that would require anyone who voted in favor of the Ukraine bill to be conscripted, or enrolled compulsorily, into the Ukrainian military. She has added nearly two dozen amendments.

Concept art of a space laser, left, and former United Kingdom Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain standing alongside German dictator Adolf Hitler, right.

Here are some of the oddest amendments to the aid bills, which seek to give $61 billion to Ukraine and $26 billion to Israel.

Use of Israeli funds to finance space lasers to protect the southern border

Greene introduced
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