Molly Ringwald says her ’80s films were ‘really, really, very white,’ remakes would require more diversity

Actress Molly Ringwald, who famously played in several of director John Hughes’s coming-of-age “brat pack” movies in the 1980s, said those films were “really, really, very white.”

“Those movies, the movies that I am so well known for, they were very much of the time. And if you were to remake that now, I think it would have to be much more diverse. And it would have to be, you know, you couldn’t make a movie that white. Those movies are really, really, very white,” Ringwald said at the Miami Film Festival while she was accepting Variety’s Creative Vanguard Award.

“And they don’t really represent what it is to be a teenager in a school in America today, I don’t think,” she added.

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