John Leguizamo destroys pinata over Trump’s growing support from Latino voters

Comedian John Leguizamo destroyed a pinata over former President Donald Trump’s growing support among Latino voters, arguing that “the Democrats are in trouble.”

Leguizamo stated that President Joe Biden’s campaign is spending over $50 million to win over Latino voters, whereas Trump’s campaign is reusing an ad from 2020 to court this voter bloc. The comedian, who is Latino, said that Trump’s “lazy a** strategy’s actually working,” to which he then took a pinata underneath his chair and destroyed it while saying a flurry of curse words.

“It looks like the Democrats are in trouble,” Leguizamo said on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. “And you might be thinking, ‘How is this possible? Donald Trump is winning Latinos?’ ‘Build the wall’ Donald Trump? ‘Mass deportations’ Donald Trump? Guy who thinks Daddy Yankee is a baseball
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