Austin praises ‘quite remarkable’ allied aid to Israel during Iran attack

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin praised the coordinated international effort to boost Israel’s air defense ahead of and during Iran’s unprecedented attack last week.

Austin appeared in front of the House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, where he addressed Iran’s attack, which consisted of more than 300 ballistic and cruise missiles and attack drones, the vast majority of which were intercepted, for the first time publicly.

“What you saw come together there in defense of Israel, I think, was quite remarkable,” Austin told lawmakers. “And again, that doesn’t happen at the eleventh hour. That happens because countries are working together, making sure that we have the right procedures and processes in place to enable us to do that.”

The attack, which originated from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, included about 110 medium-range ballistic missiles, over 30 land attack cruise missiles, and
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