Trump camp turns fire on ‘Radical F***ing Kennedy’

Former President Donald Trump‘s supporters launched a new website highlighting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “radical” record as the independent candidate appears poised to siphon votes in November.

The super PAC Make America Great Again Inc. created the “Radical F***ing Kennedy” website in an effort to steer moderate voters away from Kennedy and draw Democratic support away from President Joe Biden. The website’s creation comes as Kennedy intends to draw voters away from both Trump and Biden. However, polling shows that Biden would lose more voters to Kennedy than Trump would. 

Gun confiscation, reparations, the Green New Deal, and a 70% income tax are all ideas the website creators say Kennedy supports. 

The website links a 2018 tweet from Kennedy in which he says the National Rifle Association is a “terror group,” and it also links to a Breitbart article
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