Oregon high school transgender runner blows past biologically female competition

A transgender athlete and Oregon high school student is going viral after flying past the competition Saturday in a blowout win during a filmed heat of a varsity track event.

McDaniel High School sophomore Aayden Gallagher, the transgender student-athlete, ultimately came in second place in the Girls 200 Meter Varsity at the Sherwood Need for Speed Classic.

However, during the heat, Gallagher finished in 25.49 seconds, while the majority of the female athletes finished in 30 seconds.

A male just won the Girls 200m Varsity in Sherwood, Oregon. He set a new record for the girls race.

These high school girls just had their dream stolen from them because the school is catering the delusions of a boy who pretends to be a girl.

He is a cheater.

Video :… pic.twitter.com/DzQZ7fN5kv

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