Stephen A. Smith declares ‘guilty as hell’ OJ Simpson should have been ‘under the jail’

ESPN personality and First Take host Stephen A. Smith declared that O.J. Simpson would have been under the jail if he had been on the jury of Simpson’s 1995 murder trial.

“He would have been under the jail. He wouldn’t have got off, not if I was on that jury. There’s no question about it,” Smith said on Fox News’s Hannity Thursday. “I mean, he was guilty as hell. The forensic evidence, the circumstantial evidence, and the manner in which the murders took place, it was clearly a crime of passion.”

“When you look at some of the things that they had articulated about his past, his relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson, some of the things that he had done to her, the Gloria Allreds and others obviously have spoken very eloquently about this over
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