The presidential rematch nobody wanted

Heading into this year’s presidential election, the country is back where it started four years ago.

President Joe Biden is set to be the Democratic nominee once again. Former President Donald Trump is on track to win the GOP nod despite four criminal indictments, 85 felony charges, two impeachments, and a 1-1 record in elections when he’s at the top of the ticket. 

With the exceptions of Trump’s hard-core base and, arguably, an “uncommitted” effort in Michigan by Democrats to put their thumb in Biden’s eye, no one is excited about casting a vote in 2024. The contest is one we’ve seen before, a rerun from four years ago that has already received more airtime than anyone would like. 

(Washington Examiner illustration; Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images; Joe Raedle/AFP via Getty Images)

Weighing casting a vote for an
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