Nation rejects Biden’s secret dumping of migrants in 43 cities

A sizable percentage of voters, already fed up with President Joe Biden’s border crisis, are voicing opposition to the administration’s scheme to let migrants fly themselves into some 43 unidentified cities across the nation.

In a new Rasmussen Reports survey shared with Secrets, 60% said they oppose the program, 46% “strongly.”

Independent and Republican voters are overwhelmingly opposed and Democrats are split, 39% opposed, 38% in support.

Secrets reported Monday on a new Center for Immigration Studies analysis that said a border program from Biden has allowed over 300,000 immigrants from Latin America to fly into 43 U.S. cities. CIS said that the administration has refused to identify the cities, keeping the impact of its CBP One app secret from the public.

The program allows illegal immigrants to use the app to get pre-approved entry into
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