CPAC 2024: Megyn Kelly calls on parents to fight against child gender transitions

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly used her inaugural appearance on the American Conservative Union’s 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference stage Friday to bring attention to what she believes is a vital issue.

“If you take nothing else away from anything I say tonight, please take this away,” she told the crowd. “Fight.”

.@megynkelly has a message for parents in the struggle against the radical left's gender ideology

"Fight. You have to. You can't remain silent to protect your reputation or how people feel about you.

Parents need to stand up against this."

— CPAC (@CPAC) February 23, 2024

Kelly insisted that “parents need to stand up against” popularized transgender ideology and culture that has resulted in minors, in some cases young children, being transitioned with irreversible procedures and medications.

“You can’t
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