Texas woman sentenced to three years for threatening judge in Trump’s document case

The woman behind the death threats to Judge Aileen Cannon, who oversees Donald Trump’s classified documents case, was sentenced Friday to 37 months in federal prison.

Tiffani Shea Gish, 50, called Cannon’s chambers in Florida on three separate occasions while she lived in Houston, Texas, with threats to shoot her in the head, according to the Department of Justice. In subsequent messages, Gish used expletives to claim she had hired snipers to kill Cannon and sent a bomb to her home.

Gish pleaded guilty to using interstate communications to threaten, kidnap, or injure in November. Following her more than three-year prison sentence, Gish will undergo a supervised release period of three additional years.

“Holding Tiffani Gish accountable for her threats to assassinate a federal judge sends a strong message that we have no tolerance for those – who often
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