DNC ramps up efforts to kill RFK Jr.’s bid with billboards in Michigan

The Democratic National Committee has increased its efforts to kill Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s bid for the White House with the launch of four new billboards in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The new billboards emphasize his aligned Super PAC, American Values 2024, and its ties to a supporter of former President Donald Trump, Timothy Mellon.

“RFK Jr. isn’t fooling anyone. He’s powered and bankrolled by the same extreme MAGA donor as Donald Trump, and Trump’s allies have already called him a useful chaos agent in this election,” DNC rapid response director Alex Floyd said in a statement. “Michiganders deserve better than a stalking horse for extreme MAGA Republicans.” 

The billboards feature a headshot of Kennedy on one side, and Trump on the other, with the words “RFK Jr. powered by MAGA Trump.
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