Democrats developing defenses to damning Robert Hur report on Biden’s mental state

Congressional Democrats are being forced to reckon with revived concerns about President Joe Biden’s age and acuity after being accused of severe memory lapses in special counsel Robert Hur’s report on his handling of classified materials. 

Hur’s report included examples of the president’s memory lapses during his interview with investigators, which were featured while explaining the rationale for not prosecuting Biden. The report stated that the president could not remember, “even within several years,” when his son Beau Biden died, among other important dates. 

“Biden’s memory was significantly limited, both during his recorded interview with the ghostwriter in 2017 and in his interview with our officer in 2023,” Hur wrote.

Democrats have tried various ways to defend Biden in the aftermath of the report, challenging Hur’s ability to assess a president’s mental state and questioning his political motivations.

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