Bipartisan Congress duo unveil bill providing expedited citizenship for immigrants who enroll in military

Two members of Congress who were West Point classmates and later reconnected on Capitol Hill are looking to provide avenues for immigrants to gain citizenship while also building up recruitment for the military.

Reps. Pat Ryan (D-NY) and John James (R-MI) introduced the “Courage to Serve Act” on Friday, which provides an expedited path to citizenship for “qualified and vetted migrants” who serve in the military.

“The legislation addresses two challenges facing the United States: an influx of migrants looking to work, build a better life for their families, and contribute to our country, as well as a recruitment crisis within the ranks of our Armed Forces,” according to a release first shared with the Washington Examiner.

Ryan said in a statement on the Courage to Serve Act that he and James know “firsthand”
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