‘Ageism’ is a broken concept

Discrimination” is one of the worst things you could be accused of these days, but sometimes, discriminating is normal and fine. That is, sometimes it’s right to judge someone by their characteristics such as their height, sex, intelligence, or even age.

Today, as the Democrats’ 81-year-old president and presumptive nominee is showing his cognitive and physical decline on a daily basis, the word “ageism” is thrown about a good bit. And its usage shows clearly why it has become a broken concept that rests on a knee-jerk rejection of anything that can be called “discrimination.”

For years, every mention of President Joe Biden’s fading memory, occasional inarticulateness, and visible confusion has earned a cry of “ageism.”

The problem here is that it’s not out of line to use age as a factor when considering someone’s fitness for a job
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