Kansas lawmakers upped their pay by 93% without a vote

A bipartisan proposal to raise Kansas lawmakers’ pay by 93% took effect Wednesday without holding a vote, making their compensation higher than more populated states like Texas and Georgia. 

In place of a vote, last year legislators established a bipartisan pay commission which recommended rank-and-file lawmakers, who currently have a $30,000 base compensation, receive an increase of almost $28,000 starting in January of 2025, Associated Press reported. The 93% increase would bolster their pay to nearly $58,000; meanwhile, higher-up legislative leaders like House speaker and Senate president would see a jump from their $44,000 annual salary to $85,000. 

The Legislative Compensation Commission, comprised of eight former state lawmakers, unanimously gave the green light for the pay raises of 165 Kansas Legislators, Kansas Reflector reported. Chairman of the commission and former
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