Fetterman asks why protesters do not demand Hamas surrenders and release hostages

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) questioned pro-Palestinian protesters during a press conference Wednesday, asking why they do not demand Hamas’s surrender instead of calling for a ceasefire.

Fetterman, who has been a loyal supporter of Israel in its war with Hamas, said the conflict should have ended a long time ago and encouraged Palestinian supporters to demand Hamas’s surrender and the release of its prisoners.

“I think I’ve met with six family victim groups during all of this,” Fetterman said. “And, you know, that should have stopped because everyone should have been home long ago. And I don’t understand why, to anyone that is protesting or demanding a ceasefire, let’s be honest here, why aren’t you protesting to bring them all home right now? Why aren’t you demanding that Hamas surrenders as well?”

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