See: Map of Soros’s million-dollar prosecutors

A pro-police legal group made public on Wednesday its map of 27 left-leaning prosecutors funded by the soft-on-crime network funded by Democratic megadonor George Soros.

Building on its project to identify Soros-funded prosecutors, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund interactive map shows donations and key stories about the 27 targets.

In March 2023, the group released its barebones map of where the Soros prosecutors are located. Wednesday’s map provides more details on the highest-profile favorites of the Soros organization.

The legal group said it is working to identify and map some 70 prosecutors who received $50 million in campaign donations. LELDF has argued that the prosecutors have followed a policy of releasing violent criminals and looking away at some crime.

“The first installment profiles 27 Soros-funded prosecutors, including
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