New York Guardian Angels take down alleged migrant shoplifter live on Hannity

New York City’s Guardian Angels are going viral after members of the volunteer crime prevention group took down an alleged migrant shoplifter Tuesday live on Hannity.

The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. while Fox News’s Sean Hannity was interviewing Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa from Times Square.

Hannity was asking Sliwa about the plan by New York City Mayor Eric Adams to spend over $53 million on prepaid cards for illegal immigrants when Sliwa asked the camera crew to turn around and show his guardians detain an alleged illegal immigrant and shoplifter.

“In fact, our guys have just taken down one of the migrant guys right here on the corner of 42nd and 7th while all this is taking place,” Sliwa said. “They’ve taken over! They’ve taken over!”

Guardian Angels take down
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