Illinois-based food-science organization weighs in on proposed food additives bill

(The Center Square) – A Chicago-based nonprofit food-science organization is criticized proposed legislation that would ban certain food additives in Illinois. 

The Illinois Food Safety Act calls for prohibiting the use of certain additives to food, including red dye #3 and titanium dioxide, which the sponsors say are linked to serious health problems.

“I want Illinoisans to be more confident when grocery shopping that they are not purchasing products that are laced with ingredients classified as toxic and harmful for human consumption,” the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Willie Preston, D-Chicago, said. 

Bryan Hitchcock, chief science and technology officer with the Institute of Food Technologists, said if adopted, the law will be an expensive endeavor for food companies.

“Compliance is going to be very costly, including researching alternative ingredients, developing and testing alternative products, navigating higher ingredient costs, designing new labels and setting up new supply chains,” Hitchcock told The Center
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