Burglars snatch expensive parrot and French bulldog in pet store smash-and-grab

Police are searching for at least two burglars who smashed their way into an Omaha, Nebraska, pet store Monday and made off with a young French bulldog and an expensive parrot, authorities said.

In the early morning, the suspects used a hammer to damage the glass of Pets R Us before using their fists to punch their way through it, according to a report, citing the store manager.

A 3-month-old French bulldog and an African grey parrot worth roughly $12,000 were seized before an attempt to grab a 4-month-old French bulldog resulted in the puppy being injured.

“He grabs him and pulls him through this broken glass. With no regard, puts him into a basket, he flops out onto his back, and he just keeps going,” Kellie Johnson, the store manager, said.

Eventually the puppy was found
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