Attacks on US forces in Middle East continue despite larger response

American adversaries in the Middle East that have Iran’s support continued their attacks over the weekend despite the U.S. military retaliation against prior aggression.

Militias launched two rockets at Mission Support Site Euphrates on Saturday and a one-way attack drone on Sunday near Mission Support Site Green Village, both of which are U.S. bases in Syria. Additionally, the Houthis have continued to attempt to attack commercial vessels in the Red Sea despite the third iteration of joint U.S.-U.K. strikes against them earlier in the weekend.

“So [the Houthis] have capability,” Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said Monday. “It would not be surprising to anyone if they attempt to conduct attacks in the future, but when they do, again, we’ll take appropriate action, as we have been doing.”

The United States
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