Stimulus update: Michigan sending rebate checks averaging $550 to families in eight days

The Michigan Department of Treasury is set to start sending payments worth an average of $550 to eligible taxpayers in eight days as part of a recently enacted expansion to the working families tax credit.

The state says that payment will go out to approximately 700,000 households beginning on Feb. 13 via an expanded tax credit being sent out on a rolling basis over a five-to-six-week period.

Residents will get a payment equal to the difference between the 6% working families tax credit included in an eligible resident’s 2022 tax refunds and the 30% value that the credit is worth under the new legislation approved last year.

The check will automatically be sent to eligible residents, with the state saying that taxpayers do not need to fill out any additional paperwork.

The expanded tax credit is set to give eligible residents an average of a
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