South Carolina voters explain interest in voting for Trump: ‘We’re broke with Biden’

South Carolina voters explained in a recent interview the reasons they intend to vote for former President Donald Trump this November instead of President Joe Biden.

The voters were discussing the presidential election in an interview that aired on Friday, during which they were asked if they knew of anyone who was planning to vote for Trump or considering the possibility of voting for him. Kinard Givens, one of the voters being interviewed, said yes, noting that he has friends who felt more secure financially with Trump as president than Biden.

“They’re like, ‘well, we’re broke with Biden. We weren’t with Trump,’” Givens told MSNBC. “And that’s kind of the only thing that I’m hearing over and over again.”

MSNBC: "There are some people in your orbit either voting for Donald Trump or considering it?"

Voter: "For sure. A lot of my friends are… they're like well, we're
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