‘Amnesty’ or border crackdown? What’s in the Senate’s $20 billion immigration deal?

Senate leadership released the text of a bipartisan compromise on the border Sunday evening, the product of four months of painstaking negotiations.

Elements of the deal, brokered by a bipartisan working group, had been teased in the days leading up to its release; however, the granular details offered by the text itself will determine how much support the bill receives in the Senate. The package, part of a larger national security supplemental, will be considered as soon as Wednesday.

The negotiations have been a lightning rod for controversy ever since they began in earnest, with apparent leaks threatening to derail the legislation before it ever came to light. 

It’s been called everything from an amnesty to the toughest border security legislation in the last three decades. But what’s actually in the deal, which carries a whopping $20 billion price tag?

Title 42-like authority

The centerpiece of the legislation is
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