Rep. Turner ‘concerned’ about House GOP’s stand-alone Israel aid bill: ‘Ukraine has to be funded’

Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) on Sunday stressed the urgent need for continued support to Ukraine, saying he is “very concerned” about House Republican leadership’s surprise bid to pass a stand-alone Israel aid bill.

During an appearance on CBS News’s Face the Nation, Turner was joined by Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) as the two seek a bipartisan approach to foreign aid issues ahead of Senate negotiators releasing details on a bill that is expected to include aid for the Jewish state as well as Ukraine, Taiwan, and border security.

“I think that we really have four significant national security threats: We have Asia, we have Ukraine, we have Israel, and what’s going on the Middle East, and of course, we have our border,” said Turner, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, noting “we’ve been proceeding on negotiations
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