Wisconsin Republicans receive massive blow in fight over new state congressional map

Two consultants hired by the Wisconsin Supreme Court said Thursday that Republican-drawn legislative maps were “partisan gerrymanders” that shouldn’t be considered but stopped short of throwing out the four maps drawn up by Democratic lawmakers.  

Consultants Jonathan Cervas, a professor from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and Bernard Grofman, a political science professor from the University of California, Irvine, submitted a report to the state’s high court Thursday evening claiming that maps drawn by Republican legislature and conservative organization Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, were gerrymandered. The Supreme Court ruled in December that the Republican-drawn maps were unconstitutional because they did not meet new contiguity requirements.

“Of the remaining plans, the [WILL plan] appears to have a substantial number of fails of the ‘bounded by’ constitutional criteria,” Cervas and Grofman wrote in
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