Donald Trump beats Nikki Haley in favorability among Republicans: Poll

Former President Donald Trump appears to edge out his 2024 opponent, Nikki Haley, in favorability among voting-age members of the public.

A YouGov poll of a thousand respondents with varying political beliefs taken the final week of January found that 47% of voters rated Trump as favorable, while 34% rated Haley the same. Less than a fifth of respondents reported they didn’t know how favorable Haley was, and Haley edged out Trump with 49% unfavorable versus 52% for Trump.

Subsequent questions asked respondents to compare the two candidates with a variety of adjectives. Trump was described by 43% of respondents as a “strong leader.” Another 39% found Haley to be the most “even-tempered.” Among Republican and Republican-leaning respondents, 77% preferred Trump as the nominee compared to 13% backing Haley.

Both candidates nearly tied against President
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