The Kamala contradiction — sagging approval, strong campaigning

In politics, two things can be true at once. For example, Vice President Kamala Harris can be historically unpopular and also a great campaigner for her party.

Harris, the first female, black, and Asian American vice president, has struggled to connect with the voting public, and her approval rating sits at just 36.2%, a figure lagging 4 points below that of her unpopular boss, President Joe Biden.

Simultaneously, she’s a particularly effective vehicle for reaching the Democratic base, minority voters, and women, all of whom will be crucial if the Biden-Harris team is to win a second term in the White House.

“It’s a vivid illustration of polarization in American politics,” said Brad Bannon, a Democratic Party strategist, of the Harris phenomenon. “The vice president is very unpopular in Trump circles or with Trump voters, but
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