Texas senator demands Ken Paxton rule against universal income program: ‘We can’t just hand out money like popcorn’

A state senator in Texas says one state county’s universal basic income program that would give people $500 a month is unconstitutional. 

Republican state Sen. Paul Bettencourt sent a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Jan. 12 asking if the program enacted in Harris County, which includes Houston, last year in a 4-1 vote violated the gift prohibition clause in the state’s constitution, Fox News reported.

“We just can’t hand out money like popcorn on street corners to people that walk by,” Bettencourt told Fox News.

“If you advertise what’s clearly a no-strings universal basic income, and you do a lottery by zip codes, I’m very concerned that that is just fundamentally violating the gift clause of the [Texas] Constitution, which says the state can’t give money with
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