Morning Joe crew agrees Biden’s passion beats back age criticism

The Morning Joe crew attempted to defend President Joe Biden from attacks on his age by citing the 81-year-old’s passion.

“Nothing does more to refute the notion that Biden is too old or not up to the job than when, you know, you see him behind the wheel of a car with the aviators on looking good,” national affairs analyst for NBC and MSNBC John Heilemann said.

Simply saying that Biden does not have an age problem does not work, according to Heilemann. That contention has to be demonstrated through action.

.@jheil: “You don’t argue about is [Biden] too old or does he still have it? You just go out & show he still has it …that he’s pissed off about the things a lot of people are pissed off about & … if he stumbles a little bit, people forgive the stumble
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