Chicagoans eye installing barricades to guard against crash-and-grab robberies

(The Center Square) – With crash-and-grab robberies across Chicago on the rise over the past year, city officials are now weighing a safety plan calling for the installation of concrete bollards in various business sectors.

Over the past year, several high-end stores in the city’s downtown area have been targeted in attacks where thieves used stolen vehicles to smash through a window in order to gain entry and raid the store. More recently, a Prada outlet on the Gold Coast was raided in a smash-and-grab that ended in a shootout involving two officers and the arrest of a 33-year-old suspect.

Storefront Safety Council cofounder Robert Reiter said it’s well past time city officials become more proactive in their approach.

“The city has an obligation to help store owners and that’s because store owners don’t own the sidewalks,” Reiter told The Center Square. “It’s a little bit different if you’re in a
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