Biden isn’t following the Obama playbook — and it’s making some in his own party nervous

High-level Democrats are expressing concerns that President Joe Biden’s campaign isn’t following former President Barack Obama’s reelection strategy enough. 

Biden’s reelection campaign has been growing the infrastructure in states key to keeping him in the White House, however, some swing-state Democrats worry the president is taking too long to do so, according to a report.

In contrast, the Obama 2012 campaign had a large campaign machine of its own, Organizing For Action, and largely shunned the Democratic National Committee. Biden, meanwhile, is embracing the DNC as part of his bid.

“State parties and local organizations were not part of the equation in 2012,” New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley told CNN. “The fact that the president has heavily invested in building up the strength of the state parties versus what happened in the first term
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