Washington Examiner’s Tiana Lowe Doescher not a fan of Congress’s format for big tech hearings

Washington Examiner commentary writer Tiana Lowe Doescher expressed some criticism for Congress‘s handling of its hearing on Big Tech, arguing that the hearings are tackling multiple issues at once.

Doescher explained that Wednesday’s Congressional hearing was “conflating” three different issues at the same time, including whether social media platforms are responsible for what is posted on their sites and if the platforms contribute to addiction. The third issue the hearing was looking into, however, was whether TikTok was sharing Chinese Communist propaganda, which Doescher said was “completely different” from the previous issues.

“I don’t think that the FCC would allow the Soviet Union to own a television channel during the Cold War,” Doescher said on Fox Business’s Mornings with Maria. “And so I think that the third point is so salient and so bipartisan
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