Oregon Republicans can’t run for reelection because they missed too much time at work: State Supreme Court

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday that 10 Republican state senators are prohibited from running for reelection after participating in the longest walkout in state history, making one-third of the chamber ineligible for reelection.

Last year’s six-week walkout was an effort to boycott Democratic-proposed bills on abortion, transgender healthcare, and gun control that the GOP lawmakers opposed. Senate President Rob Wagner did not excuse the senators’ absences due to a 2022 voter-approved measure that banned lawmakers from reelection if they racked up more than 10 unexcused absences. Under the measure, the secretary of state barred the senators from the ballot. 

In response, Sens. Tim Knopp, Daniel Bonham, Suzanne Weber, Dennis Linthicum, and Lynn Findley, all of whom participated in the boycott, filed a lawsuit claiming the language of Measure 113 was unclear in what term they became
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