New survey finds DC has the second-worst commute in the country

A new survey has found what most Beltway travelers know to be true every day: Washington, D.C., has the second-worst traffic in the country.

A survey by TomTom, a map and navigation technology company, found that it took commuters 21 minutes and 20 seconds just to travel 6 miles in the Washington area.

In 2023, commuters lost 86 hours in rush hour and averaged an annual travel time of 205 hours in the car.

The city is ranked the third most congested in the country. Drivers averaged $418 annually in fuel costs.

The survey also noted that the worst date to travel in the nation’s capital is March 26, which coincides with peak cherry blossom tourism season.

In a post-pandemic era, the district has gradually been increasing in more workers heading back into offices, increasing the travel time from 2022
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