Eric Adams unites with state Republican chairman in opposing police reporting bill

New York City police officers are required to log basic information for all public interactions after the city council overrode Mayor Eric Adams’s veto of the controversial bill, putting the Democrat in an unlikely agreement with the chairman of the state Republican Party.

On Tuesday, the New York City Council voted 42-9 to overturn Adams’s veto of the How Many Stops Act. The council passed the act in December 2023 before the mayor used his powers to halt the bill in January.

The bill requires the NYPD to record the race, gender, and age of the people from low-level interactions, including the “reason for the investigative encounter,” if a summons was issued, an arrest was made, or if force was used.

Republican State Committee Chairman Ed Cox called on Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) and New York lawmakers to pass
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