Barbra Streisand is ‘too old to care’ about people viewing her as sensual

Barbra Streisand revealed in a recent interview that she was “afraid” to be seen as sensual when she was at the height of her fame.

“I was too afraid to be seen that way at that time,” she said in an interview with the New York Times. “Now I’m too old to care.”

The 81-year-old actress and singer added that she purposely tried to ‘look different’ than others throughout her career.

Streisand, who had numerous alleged love affairs with Hollywood stars, viewed herself as a “nice Jewish girl” who insisted on downplaying her sexuality throughout her career with her masculine-feminine hybrid of fashion.

“No one would have looked at me and thought, ‘That girl should be a movie star,’” she wrote in her new memoir, My Name is Barbra.

She added, “I have
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