Zuckerberg apologizes to social media ‘victims’ at hearing after pressure from Hawley

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) forced Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to face the relatives of minors who died by suicide after facing bullying or sexual exploitation on social media, creating a dramatic moment at a high-profile hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

Zuckerberg was under heavy questioning by Hawley during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on social media and the effects it has on teenagers. The CEO faced questions about the company’s research on teenagers, as well as its efforts to ensure that young users are safe on the platform. During this questioning, the Missouri senator asked Zuckerberg to turn around, face the group of parents whose children died by suicide after engaging with content on Facebook and Instagram, and apologize. “Would you like now to apologize to the victims who have been harmed by your products?” Hawley asked.

Zuckerberg obliged
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